Apr 04 2013

Back Together Again ♥

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lynn and nick at cousins weddingI’m not sure how many of y’all know this, but Mr. Southern Heart and I have been living apart for the last fifteen months! Together we moved from Royal Oak, MI to Greenville, SC and he started a new job. Then his new job didn’t work out and his old job wanted him back so 3 weeks later we moved him back to MI. Now the reason we moved to SC was because of my health. I couldn’t take the cold in MI so we headed down South to warmer weather! It’s been difficult but at least when I went back to MI to visit him and all of our Family I could stay for 6-8 weeks at a time.

Welp, Mr. Southern Heart finally got a great job offer just North of Atlanta, GA. They have offered to put us up in temporary corporate housing for 2 months and move all our things from Greenville to Atlanta. We are in Vinings, GA now and his new job is going great! We’ll be travelling back to Greenville on the weekends to pack up our things to be moved.

I am so so happy to have my Hubby and I living under the same roof together again ♥. We’ve been married for 11 years next month and up until these last 15 months, we had never been separated more than a day or two.

Hopefully this explains why I have been MIA lately. You can expect to see more recipes from me now that I have someone else to cook for besides Halo. I hope you’ll join us on our adventures while we explore all the wonders of Georgia.





  1. Mary Q.

    Yay that’s awesome! I’m waiting for the day I can unite with my boyfriend and get to see him daily.

    P.S.. – Love the purple! That’s my fav color. :)

  2. lynnssouthernheart

    Thanks so much Mary!! Hope you two are together again very soon, it’s so hard being apart! I Love purple too :)

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