Apr 12 2013

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon…

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I may or may not have eaten a whole  P O U N D  of Bacon…all by myself…in less than 24 hours!  ♥ I  LOVE  BACON ♥ But my bacon needs to be extra extra crispy…almost to the point of being burnt.  There’s a restaurant back in MI, that will deep fry your bacon for you if you ask them to…Oh Em Gee…Heaven.

How do y’all cook your bacon??? Do you still pan fry it? Deep fry it? or do you also bake it in the oven? I love to bake it in the oven, there’s no grease splattering up at you…no turning the bacon slices over…plus it comes out nice and crispy! ;)  If you’ve never cooked bacon in the oven, you MUST try it…it’s super easy…

All you do is preheat the oven to 400°. Using a baking sheet with sides, line it with aluminum foil. Place the bacon strips on the foil lined baking sheet, leaving a small space between each strip. Bake for approximately 20 minutes for extra crispy. No need to flip the bacon strips over while baking. Once the bacon has reached your desired crispness, remove it to a plate, lined with paper towel,  to absorb some of the grease.

Talking about the bacon grease, once the baking sheet has cooled enough to handle, pour the bacon grease into a drippings or grease jar and store in the refrigerator to use in fresh green beans, or potato salad or use it to fry up some eggs…

What are some dishes that you like to use bacon in?? And what do you like to use the scrumptious bacon grease for??



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  1. Minnie@thelady8home

    My older son and my husband adore bacon. I often cook in the left over bacon oil, but I have never stored it. Great way to cook bacon, will try it.

    1. lynnssouthernheart

      Thanks Minnie! I love bacon too! I have just recently started saving the bacon grease…hope you give it a try <3

  2. elaine

    bacon grease is what i grew up on but hardly ever use it now. love bacon from the oven. just found your site

    1. lynnssouthernheart

      Thanks Elaine! I grew up on it too, just the smell of bacon takes me back to growing up and my Dad frying bacon on the weekend and then he would fry our eggs in it…Those were the best eggs! I still love my Daddy to make me breakfast and I am almost 50 yrs old :)

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