Feb 17 2013

Did that really just happen?

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So yesterday this former Michigan gal got a lovely surprise…Yes, it snowed in Greenville, SC.  Thank you very much!

Snow in Greenville, SC

I awoke early yesterday, something that never happens to me. Usually if I see 8:00 am it’s because I haven’t been to sleep yet. Yes, I have sleeping issues. I never outgrew that teenager trait of sleeping til noon. There are plenty of nights that I only sleep for 2-3 hrs, some nights not at all, and the sleep I do get is usually after 8 am. My Mama was the same way, she didn’t sleep til my Daddy left for work at 6 am. Seriously, we have a rule that I must call my Husband by 12:00-12:30 pm to let him know that I’m alive! When I was still in MI, if I didn’t call him by then I had better answer the phone when he called, otherwise he would leave work to come home and check on me. It’s a little harder for him to come home to make sure I’m alive now. But enough about my sleeping (or not) habits, back to the SNOW story…

Since I was up, I decided to get ready and go out for a while. Welp I got side tracked by Facebook and Pinterest (never should have logged on), then my Sister called for our usual weekend chat, which could be called a marathon chat because when we talk on the weekends our conversations can last anywhere from 2-4 hours!  I did cut her short when I saw it had started hailing out because I needed to get going, I was up and showered and dressed after all…and just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, what did I see…the hail had turned into SNOW!


And boy snow it did…it wasn’t just a dusting like I assumed it would be. It didn’t stick to the streets but it did stick to my truck and the grass and trees. It did look pretty but I could have certainly done without any snow!  Thankfully it stopped after about an hour. It was gone as quickly as it started. It did actually stick around til this morning when the sun came out and melted it.

Here’s to hoping this was just a fluke and that stuff doesn’t make another appearance this year! How has your winter been? If you’re in the South, have y’all had any snow?

Mother Nature can bring on Spring any time now…Halo’s ready…




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