Jan 24 2013

My First Time…

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Lynn with Cowboy HatNo not that first time, Silly 😉 my first blog post.
I’m ready to roll out my brand spankin new blog. I’ve got her all gussied up and dipped her in a vat of glitter to make her SPARKLE ♥  I would be ecstatic if I could be dipped in a vat of glitter E V E R Y day. I don’t care if I am just going to the grocery store or McDonald’s drive thru for a sweet tea, I like to be sparkly from head to toe.

I cant wait to share all my Loves with you like ♥ Antiques ♥ Angels ♥ Jewelry ♥ anything Purple ♥ Sweet Tea ♥ the South ♥ Vintage Kitchen stuff ♥ Canning Jars ♥ Cookbooks ♥ Victorian Houses ♥ and Shopping ♥

Join me as this Northern Girl learns to live in her Southern Girl’s World. We’ll cook a little, travel some, and hopefully learn to take great pictures. All the while laughing often, crying occasionally and saying y’all a whole lot.

If there’s more y’all want to know stop back often to see what kind of trouble I’ve been getting into…





  1. Kevin Barron

    CONGRATULATIONS on launching your blog. I know that it will open a whole new world of friendships and experiences. Holler if I can ever be of service!

    1. lynnssouthernheart

      Thanks so much Kevin! It has already opened the door to new friendships and experiences that I am so thankful for! I sure will give a holler if/when I need help…thanks again!

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